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Jacob's Malayalam Keyboard for Windows 95/98/2000/ME, Malayalam Fonts

This is a simple Malayalam Keyboard. No typing skill is required. Normally we type with our fingers on keyboard. But, in this Malayalam keyboard we type with mouse. Click once on the character key, that particular character is formed in the message box at bottom of the keyboard. Initially, the user will feel it very slow. But, speed can be gained by regular use. For any keyboard, practicing is a must. But, in case of this keyboard, no practicing is required. The only thing is that, one should become familiar with the location of the character.

Download jacob's Malayalam Keyboard Setup files. [Zip file, Size : 3.6 MB]
Download additional fonts. [Zip file, Size : 0.9 MB]
More fonts. [Zip file, Size : 381 KB]
Setup Instructions.
Using the Keyboard.

Setup Instructions:

  • Unzip the downloaded file into a temperary directory.
  • Double click on the setup.exe to start setup.
  • Follow the setup instructions.

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