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Building a website is only a beginning. Tough part is making people visit your site.

SpiderKerala team, as a group of expert software engineers, have a few recommendations for you to promote your site.

Tips & Tricks to promote your site

  • Get listed in Search Engines.

  •          This is not easy as you might think. Search engines are very intelligent and you cannot fool them easily. Your site will be listed on the first few results only if you can acquire a high ranking in their index. Most of the search engines have their own ways of finding the quality and popularity of websites. You may submit your site to all possible search engines at frequent intervals, but remember that some of the search engines may mistake your activites as 'spam' and they will 'penalise' your site by reducing your site's ranking.
    URLs to submit to major search engines:
    Google MSN AltaVista

  • Join Webrings.

  •          A Webring is a chain of websites. Every member site joining a webring has to give links to other sites in the ring. Similarly, other member sites in the ring will give links to your site too. This would help startup sites to pull some traffic without spending any money for marketing.

  • Let other sites link to your site.

  •          Most search engines including Google, AltaVista etc, give high ranking to sites depending on the number of links those sites have has from other sites. Thus, you can get high ranking by having multiple links to your site from lot of other sites.

    How SpiderKerala can help you?

    We believe in mutual growth. Here we list a few ways we can help each other increase traffic to our sites:

  • Give a link to from your site and send the URL of the page to SpiderKerala

  •          Our search engine optimisation team records every url where there is a link to our site. They will submit all those URLs to hundreds of search engines in the net, at regular intervals. They know the likes and dislikes of all the major search engines and how to please them to get you a higher ranking. (They are specialised in their job!).
             Your high ranking is important for us as long as you have a link to us.

  • Join SpiderKerala WebRing

  •          This is a new step by the SpiderKerala team to help new webmasters pull some traffic to their sites. Join this webring of kerala sites today. Additional traffic to your site is guaranteed, go & sleep peacefully. (Believe it or not, our business promotion team has spent many sleepless nights searching the internet for ways to increase traffic to our site, during our initial days of launch.)

  • Submit your URL to SpiderKerala WebLinks section and keep voting for your URL.

  •         More votes to your URL will bring your site to the top position in SpiderKerala WebLinks section. Higher ranking means more visibility and traffic to your site. And having a link to your site from will get you a higher position in Search engine ranking, because is already ranked very high in all major search engine indexes.

    Give a link to from your site and don't forget to tell us about it.

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