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Local Editor for 'Arakkuzha'

Editor Name Dr. Jinish George
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Message from Editor
Memadangu, a beautiful village in God's own Country, situated in the border of Ernakulam district, rich with rubber and pineapple. Memadangites follows a good religious harmony. St. Sebastians church and Periyankavu temple are the important religious places in Memadangu. Most of the people are engaged in agriculture. But now a days youngsters are moving abroad. Yonger generation is higly educated, doctors and engineers are common. St. Sebastians High School is the nearest School in the Village. Nirmala College Muvattupuzha, Vishwajyoti Engineering College and Newman College Thodupuzha are the places for higher education. Memadangu is rich with water resources due to the presence of Thodupuzhayaru, which carries plenty of water on 365 days.      
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