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More about Malayattoor

vithayathil house
We are big family.All brothers ( family members)living in perinnanam and near by, there is a bakery in perinnanam centre vithayathil bakery and printing press-vithayathil printers  

Submitted By : johnson vithayathil

Karayamparambu is a beautiful village sandwiched between Angamaly and Karukutty. The N.H. 47 as well as the main rail line between Chennai and Cochin passes through this village. The northern part of Karayamparambu is called Elavoor Kavala and the Southern part is called Mookkanoor Kavala. As such, Karayamparambu lacks an identity of its own which I lament.
It has a nice Parish Church and a small primary school. This small village has produced many persons of high standing living in several parts of India and abroad.
Karayamparambu is surrounded by Kothakulangara, Peechanikadu, Karukutty, Azhakam and Njalukkara.  

Submitted By : Paul Gopurathingal

Kunnu= Hill (MALA) KUNNATHU = on hill
Kaal = Leg

According to early adage this name was kept by ancient Sage. PARASHURAMA who kept his legs upon these hills thus the name KUNNATHUKAAL.
Geographically this village has more than 30 small hills.
Other neighbouring villages named PARASHUVAIKKAL (means where PARASHURAMA kept his axe) and DHANUVACHAPURAM (Means where PARASHURAMA kept the Bow) are supporting such stories.
One of the oldest historical places is CHEZHUNGAANOOR SHREE MAHADEVA TEMPLE which''s age and construction details are older than TIRUVITAAMCORE dynasty which has a monkey engraved in its NYRATRYA (southwest) similar to the ancient temple constructed by AYAR dynasty of historic days.
SREE BHADRAKAALI ILAMKAM and CHIMMANDI (probably CHAMUNDI) NEELAKESHI temples are the perfect examples of ancient ARYA DRAVIDA civilisation.

CHIMMANDI NEELAKESHI temple has MUDI (an idol carved from live jackfruit tree) IRAKKAM festival which you cannot find in entire Kerala which''s rituals are don by URALIES (URALI= tribal people like KANIES).

SREE BHADRAKAALI ILAMKAM is accompanied by MULLASHERI MANA (Namboothiries and Ambalavasis) and as CHEZHUNGAANOOR SHREE MAHADEVA TEMPLE is to MATHAM (Tulu Bhats) and VARYAM (Varyers and Unnies)
CHIMMANDI NEELAKESHI temple is surrounded by Nairs.
YAKSHI KOVILs(an old fretful female deity known as INA EKSHI who''s idol is made by potters with mud and then baked, Prathista and pooja are don by non Brahmins and VILLADICHAN PATTU one of the oldest Dravidian art form is offered to the goddess ) are many and somany SARPPAKAVUs are also few.
You will find almost all community except Muslims in this village in which some most minority communities like Ambalavasi (children of Nambootiri and Nair) Chekkala, Panar, Uraali, Pandaaram, Gurukkal, Anpattaru (the selected 56 Nair families by the Travancore king for safeguarding the treasury ) Pilla (possibly the descendants of ETTUVEETTIL PILLAMAAR who opposed the king MAARTHANDA VARMA and was wiped out by him after his reign as the king of Travancore, some of them might have been escaped and took shelter under another Nair family which had favor in the king''s eye, two families MOOLAYAM veedu and NARUVIL are these as the former on might have been given shelter to the later as MOOLAM stands for ancient and have their own KUDUMBA YAKSHI KOVIL and the later have only a place where they worship CHAMUNDI as their KULADEVI.) Nadars an ancient Dravidian community, Izhavar, Pulayar, Parayar etc are also living in harmony.
A R.C.Church and the beautiful Kottukonam CSI church and so many other local churches are also situated in its vicinity.
Vidyavilasini Vayanashala one of the oldest VAYANASHALA having rare books in its collection and a Gvt.Hospital (CHAVADI) Three high schools and so many other institutions are some which I knew before 18 years when I left Kerala.

KUNNATHUKAL is even known for its foolish acts which has a link with the MANINADU Krishna temple where the doubtful natured KUNNATHUKALAR tested the RISHI who was pleased with their hospitality and gave them the MANI (Bell) which can be used in a case of emergency to call the sage back to the village for help. But they rang the bell two times without any reason and each time the sage warned them to not disturb him without any reason. But the bell rang again for the third time and the SANYASI who immediately appeared gave the curse which maid the villagers to make at least a mistake every ear.

Even though I have seen so many places around the world nothing can be compared with my village in any manor as it has SHAIVA VAISHNAVA SHAKTEYA CHRISTAVA Sanskruti stands for human welfare.

By: S.Harilal  

Submitted By : S.Harilal

real grameena
Odanavattom is the main junction between Kottarakara and Oyur. and is around 10 km from both end. There are a few Cashew factories in and around odanavattom. Lot of people are employed in these factories. The cashew factories are the back bone of economy of this place.  Agriculture is also equally important. Rubber is the main plantation. All other crops like Paddy, Pepper, Tapioca, vegitables etc. also being cultivated here. There is aHigher secondary  school and aVocational Higher secondary school. Every body in this village have the facility for primary education within 2km to their house. Usual vocational trainings are available. But for Professional studies one has to go to Kottarakara. Ofcourse Computer education is available within the village.
The suburbs of Odanavattom are very beatiful with nice greenery as well as granite quories.  Muttara hills is just 2km frm here. Muttara is famous for  natural  healthy environment. You can see monkeys around here. Several rare herbs of medical inportance are available here.

Odanavattom is a calm and quite place with communal harmony.  

Submitted By : madhukumar

Monody is a lush, leafy and calm village, situated in the valley of Kodasserry reserve forest.  The branch canal of Vazhachhal Hydro-Electric Project is flowing through Monody, which provides abundant  water.  People mainly depends on farming.  Paddy, rubber, coconut, black pedder, plantain and various vegitables are the main crop.  Monody is near to  Vellikulangara and Pady (Kodaly), part of Mattathur panchayath and about 10 kms east of  Kodakara (NH 47).  Chalakudy is the nearest main city.  Nearest Railway Station is Irrinjalakuda (Kallettumkara) and main Railway Station is Trichur.  Kodaly -Vellikulangra road passing through Monody.  The Sree Ayyappa Temple situated in Monody is very ancient, which was in ruin condition and the people of Monody re-built it recently.  The Sanctum Sanctorum of the new temple is built using the original stones of the ancient temple.        

Submitted By : Jose Poulose

United Village
The village name itself has rflecting a good meaning which is in Malayalam it " Kara Ethum Chal". Yes it is a resting place for the people who lived sorrounding areas decades ago. Earlier only the cultivation was the main sourse of income. The people used to carry their cultivated belongings to the nearby market Chnglayi that time and and most of the people passes through Karayathumchal for their destination. They could see the people who lives nearby areas. After that Karayathumchal was the main plse for the farmers to take rest and water. So later the place called as Karayathumchal. People lives there from all catefory / religion. They are Christians, Hindus and Muslims. they share each other and love each other without any discrimination. They enjoy their lives in a secular village. Now in this village we can see the people that are highly educated and holding good position.
Thanks god for making our village united and secular.  

Submitted By : Gilbert V.M

Death Announcements


Small Village

try to visit

Submitted By : Joy RS

Know Adimalathura
Adimalathura is small village south of Kovalam, Trivandrum. 25 Kms away from Trivandrum city. It is at the foot of Chowara hill. That is why it is known as Adi (under) mala (hill) thura (small region).

It is a beautifull divine place. In the east - Karichal lake, north - Chowara hill, south -Arabian Sea and west - hill ends in the sea.

More than 10,000 fisher folk live here. Main occupation is fishing. All people believe on Christ Jesus. There are two churches.  Mariya Nilayam Convent and nuns plays an important role for the overall development of the people. There are two schools.  

Submitted By : Thankappan Dharmanathan

Ente Gramam
What makes a village beautiful? Yes the natural beauty and a bunch of good people.
Thiroor is blessed with both of this. Here people and nature put hands together!!!. Thiroor is a beautiful village with paddy fields, small streams and pounds.

Getting there
Thiroor is 8 KM far from Thrissur towards north. You can take private/ government Bus service from Thrissur North Bus stand. This is an Ideal way of public transport to reach Thiroor, You shall get into buses to Shournoor  or Medical colleague and get down at Thiroor Ambalam (Temple) or palli (church) stop.
The whole village shall be divided into two sides west and east side and the divider shall be the Thrissur shournoor main road.
This Main road is the most happening place in my village. Most of the Bazaars are located here and the famous ;) Thiroor Bar ends the chain of bazaars.
Thiroor service Co-operative Bank is the source and life of Thirookkar’s economy.
The Icon in education is ST Thomas High School Thiroor. Healths of Thirookkar are cared by our friendly doctor “Parakkal”.
Most Thirookkar follow Hinduism or Christianity. The worship places are  
Located near to our Main Road. Vadakurumbha Devi temple and St Thomas church plays important role in religious actions.
Living in Thiroor
                       Ancient Thirookkar were farmers and still you can find lot of families into agriculture. One of the main Agriculture products of this village is “Koorkka” a very tasty stuff. Ohhhh koorkka upperi vayil vellam varunnuu …

The East side, which is behind the church Christians, is living in chain houses we usually called as “Angadi”. The chain starts from rite front of Thiroor bar and ends at East Bazar or “Kizhakke Angadi”. You can find almost all variety of  behaviors here.
This place is really a good place to learn about how man found colonies and living in colonies. Here you will find lot of love a good way and mind of sharing living things and a sophisticated oral communication system. We normally call this as Dish channel if any thing happens in Main road then that news will be easily broadcasted through this chain houses. Hahah women talks too much …

All gossips and current hot news shall get from the above mentioned Dish Channels. Mostly House wife acts as dish antennas. The east south side is known as “thekkumuri” where Hindus lives. After the paddy fields you can find a belt of hills makes a fantastic natural scene. Sun rise from this Hills for Thiroor.  

  The west side known as  “Pottore”  were u find mixture of Hindus and Christians.
Cultural Events

Thiroor “Pooram”(hindu festival) and Thiroor “Perunnal” (Christian festival) Both are celebrated for 3 days in a year. Thirookkar sve for an year for spending for these festivals.
Pooram: Three days fabulous Cultural event filled with Panchavadhyam and other traditional dance forms and fire works.
Perunnal: Really rocks this is an event for which thiroorkkar really gets on “Spirits” and got modern band set Road show “Ambe” with big colorful umbrellas. Perunnal rocks…

Sports and Academic…

Once up on a time there was a famous club called “Minors sports club” with lot of events now it become just a financial organization .Personally  still I feel pain in heart. “Thirookkar” loves football and I like to tell you with pleasure and proud that our former Indian football team captain Jo Paul is from this small village.

Thiroor panchayath library feeds books for village readers, got a good Array of books for starters and matured readers.

Vedi Vidal(Chat) Areas

Thirookkar enjoys vedividals …. Main vedividal areas are chayakkadakal(Tea shops). This starts from Bhagavathy hotel (Veg) hotel near to Thiroor temple and baboos  Hotel (Non Veg) near to church these are the biggies in the village and there are lot more small tea shops like balettans chayakkada and Nangooraaans chayakkada.. Hotel “Pettennuu” will take one hour for a tea here. People enjoy veividals and news paper reading at chayakkadas.

Finally you may not find people celebrate all festivals without any kind of religious barricades anywhere other than here in Thiroor. People live in harmony and care for others too. There are Interesting characters in my village if I am about to explain then that will be an endless effort. I must talk about one Big Puli maram where we and my play mates used to play,sleep etc etc under that tree. Because of this our group knowns “Pulichodu” team. But our Puli maram got cut last year that also a sweet painful memory in mind …. Puli maram was the only witness of all our activities some are naughty and some are good. Let me stop this by remembering the sweet memories of that tree …. Ente pulimaramee ninakkayi ethaaa randittu kannuneer bhakkii …(Few tears in  memories of my dear Puli maram)

Again few lines of mallu song coming in to my mind …

“Kazhinjupoya kalam kadalinakkaree …
Kozhinjuveena ragamm kattinakkaree ..
Ooornakalee Ninnee Oorthu karayunnu nan …
Olangalil veenurundu pidayunnu nan … “
(Thirookkar : People of Thiroor)


Submitted By : Bijuraj P.V

Vendar is the most beautiful village now takes colorful, romantic, vibrant  as its subject. Traditional architecture and dramatic natural settings place this village among the most unspoiled and appealing in Kerala.  Vendar Sree Subrshmanya Swami temple with its beautiful mansions, leads to the center of the village.  

Submitted By : abhiraj

PTA News
PTA News is a district wide news channel in pathanamthitta. Now local channels are an important part of your TV experience. PTA News send you  the latest breaking newses in your district.
PTA News is the new media division of pathanamthitta. we focus on providing news and informations of several places in our district . We promote, foster and preserve the highest journalistic standards of the news media.  

Submitted By : Abhiraj

My favourite dream place forever.
Hello, I am Anilkumar , now reasiding at .Ambernath-Mumbai,working in a Deffence  Org. Arimpur My native place is a beautiful place . The speciality of arimpur is It is not so far from Trichur town and it is avery frequent bus root . There is a famous High school where from iam .There is a big  playground behind H.S. Arimpur .There iam played a lot of Football matches for our  Ammpalum team.  


Kavumandam in wayand district In the north-east of Kerala , India , was formed on November 1 , 1980 as the 12th district, carved out of Kozhikode and Kannur districts. It is set lofty on the majestic Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 Metres above mean sea level.

Its a nice place located in wayanad district,  basicaly this an agriculturist feminine area , and lots of dazzling place are here.. There are many indigeneous tribals in this area.
kavumandam is sittuvated in thariode pachayath, kavumandam village and vythri taluke ,
about the climate of this area  salubrious climate
Main Schools : Govt. higher secondry school thariode , nirmala HS thariode.
nearest airport : calicut (85km by road)

Submitted By : joby sebastian

Beautiful Athani
Karinkallathani where the both Palakkad and Malappuram districts are shaking hands each other,  a lot of wonderful people are living there, among them this poor man. Even there is no rivers, lakes or other touristic places,  the beautiful "Mailadi" is there and also the great "Fatima Memmorial High school" and it''s Manager "Ponneth Bava" - not Pothan Vava - Pls do not misunderstand .  

Submitted By : Rafeeque P.K.

My Village - Thirumarady
Thirumarady is situated in the central of Thirumarady Panchayat of Muvattupuzha Taluk in Ernakulam District.

This place is widely known as it is the two time Award winner for the “Best Panchayat in the State”. Also known that the Ex-minister and our present MLA Shri. T M Jacob’s own village.

Kakkoor, Mannathoor, Oliyappuram, Vadakara and Edayar are the neighboring areas. Neighboring Panchayats are Elanji, Koothattukulam, Pampakuda & Marady. Near by Towns are Koothattukulam (6km), Piravom (12km), Muvattupuzha (18km) Palai (24km) and Thodupuzha (24km). Near by Cities are Eranakulam (55 km) and Kottayam (50 km). Thirumarady is in Pampakuda Block and Piravom Assembly constituency. Parliament Constituency is Muvattupuzha. Most of the people are engaged in agriculture for their livelihood, viz Rubber, Paddy, Coconut and Vanila.

The known places in Thirumarady are St.Mary’s Catholic Church, Mahadeva Temple, Edaprakkavu Bhagavati Temple, Govt. Institutions like Panchayat Office, Village Office, Post Office, Allopathic Hospital, Veterinary Hospital, Public Library & Vocational HSS.

Submitted By : Gibu Abraham

village with loving peoples
South Kidangoor  is situated  1km south from Kidangoor junction.
kidangoor itself a small village
kidangoor south is hosting the temple festivals
The famous Subramanya Kshetram in south Kidangoor, which besides Meenachil river
The meenachil river valley from Cherpunkal to Punnathura belongs to Kidangoor village.

Kidangoor south is sorrounded by
Chempilavu, Paduva,punnathura and kidangoor

this is one of the lovely place to live near the Meenachil river valley
i am living in this valley called as Govindapuram which is 1km east from temple and the main road is kidangoor temple- cherpunkal church road

Submitted By : vinod cherian

My kind of roads .......
Almost heaven, west virginia
Blue ridge mountains, shenandoah river
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Country roads, take me home
To the place, I be-long
West virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

All my mem’ries, gather ’round her
Miner’s lady, stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye

Country roads, take me home
To the place, I be-long
West virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

I hear her voice, in the mornin’ hours she calls to me
The radio reminds me of my home far a-way
And drivin’ down the road I get a feeling’
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

Country roads, take me home
To the place, I be-long
West virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

kazhimpram to me and my friends are west virginia to John Denver

A place of life,clarity and sweetness..
We belong to kazhimpram
We breathe kazhimpram and we ive and  die in Kazhimpram
We are the soul and pride of kazhimpram....

The sand the sea,,the coconut trees.....the mangoes...the monsoon..  the evenings
the toddy ..............beaches.....the breeze.we are blessed
The kindness.. the courage.....the love.the lust.
we re special..
We speak our mind  ...our soul..we r from this beutiful land on earth..kazhimpram.
We are so special.only we know that..ask us

For all of us belong to this  land of sweetness and life ,courage and dreams.. beauty and and joy.. beaches and waters...

We are kazhimprians........jolly good guys and gals...lets celebrate our own village
wherever you are, whenever you are..

Country roads take me home.........
To the place I belong.......

Deepak Thekkoott...Brooklyn. NY
001 718 438 3565


Submitted By : Deepak Thekkoott

Country roads...Take me home......

Take me home ,country roads
All my memories gathered around her
Miners lady,stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty,painted on the sky
Minty tast of moonshine
Tear drops in my eye
Country roads take me home
To the place I belong..........

John Denver... all time american country best....

Kazhimpram,,,,,,a strange name
yet a sweet place
there is no such a place like it anywhere in the world...we all know that
not many like us,from where...kazhimbram...??
what makes us special, beutiful, lies with kazhimbram
the sweetness,jolly good
the love poured..the courage we the wind and sand ...the monsoon
the cry...the joy pleasure
Are we naughty....we ask others..i do not know..I guess??
kazhimpram is spontaneous ..we are wonderful....caring.. kind and exotic....
wonder why.?.golden sand we have??  
the temples, the mosques the fileds,the ponds.mangotrees...the you miss it...big time kiddo...and our people, our own kind...flesh and blood   old time friends..girls we loved..
exotic drinks god created for us
drip down from  our own palm gardens on earth.. cool breeze to sing along...memmories of kazhimpram school   the sandy play ground  remember that...kabady..kabady..kabadyyyy
the sound of rain falling on my house..
dripping wet in june
kazhimpram is sweet yet polite,thy name strange  are we..strange..may be in this world!!
we are proud...we are jolly good guys from a sweet place  
where else ...

country roads ...take me home a place i belong...west virginia...mountain momma

Deepak Thekkoott , Brooklyn


Submitted By : Deepak Thekkoott

About Mullurkara villagwe
  This small village of Mullurkara panchayath with a population of about 13,000 is situated in the north of trissur district. Agriculture is the main source of income for majority of the population. Mullurkara is an example of communal harmony with its population consisting of mainly Christians, Hindus and Muslims.
  The St.Antony''s Church is situated at the heart of Mullurkara. The recently established B.Ed College wich is under the supervision of the vicar of this Church is the main attraction among many educational institutions in the village.
     The Mullurkara Jumamasjid is situated at Mullurkara centre.
      Another attraction of this village is the Irunilamkottappan Temple at Irunilamkodu desam which shares a side wall with a solo hilly rock that spreads out aproximatly 25 acres, with a "MUNIMADA" on top of it. This Temple is under the supervision of the Archeological Survay department of India. Irunilamkode with its
heritage, rich forest and wild life {peacocks, wild boars, ant eaters, porcupines, monkeys, foxes, monitor lizards and various kinds of snakes) can be promoted as a turist spot.  

Submitted By : Tessy Varghese Palackal

I have already submitted the details of nedumkandam ,but u have ignored me  

Submitted By : Siju Thomas

Something more Collections....
PERUMBALAM, THE lush green, natural island, surrounded by the serene Vembanad backwaters, is a lovely tourist getaway. Apart from a number of peculiarities, its history and tradition adds glory and charm to this island.
Located about 1.5 kilometres away from Poothotta, which is 19 kilometres from Ernakulam on Kottayam route, Perumbalam surprisingly has all the modern amenities required for a town despite the absence of a bridge to the mainland. This must be the only island near Kochi that is yet to be connected to the mainland by a bridge. Though it is so close to Kochi, Perumbalam is part of the Cherthala Taluk.

It consists of six archipelagos, `Aamachadi'', `Perumbakamkari'', `Anchuthuruth'', `Naduthuruth'', `Upputhuruth'' and `St. Mary''s Island''. Among them St. Mary''s Island is still not inhabited. There is a helipad here, which is used by the Indian Navy for its practice sessions. Although saline backwaters surround the island, the wells on the island provide pure drinking water.
Inhabitants make use of passenger boats and small boats to reach the island. Today, this island that is fast turning out into a popular tourist destination, has numerous houseboats, speedboats and yachts anchored on its shores.
"Life is peaceful on the island. People of different religions, caste, creed and political affiliations live as one big family. This must be the most striking feature of Perumbalam," feels K. K. Chandrasekharan, a retired government servant, who is permanently settled on the isle. Most of the old timers do not want a bridge here, for they feel that this would destroy the tranquillity of the place. "We are quite aware of the ill effects of urbanization and do not want our island to be affected by it," Mr. Chandrasekharan adds. However, from the point of view of the tourists a bridge is top priority.
Many tour operators in Kochi, Poothotta and Alappuzha run houseboats and speedboats for tourists and are sometimes also used by the people. "We charge Rs. 400 per hour for safari boats and Rs. 3,000 for a six-hour journey for houseboats," says Krishnakumar, who runs the Krishanaveni Boating Centre at Poothotta. While, safari boats can accommodate 12 passengers, the houseboat can accommodate 25 people. Food is provided either by the tour operators on an extra charge or the tourists can take them along with them. It is common to see tourists cook food on the island itself.
The passenger boats from Poothotta take 45 minutes to reach the Perumbalam, after stopping at all the small islands. The Kerala State Water Transport Corporation runs passenger boats from Poothotta to Perumbalam every 30 minutes and most of the tourists prefer this mode to reach the island.

Perumbalam is a land of temples and `kavus.'' The 6. 5 sq. km. area, has 10 temples and plenty of `kavus''. Among them is the 400-year-old Arasukulangara Sreekrishana Temple. There are two churches and a mosque here.
The island has a hospital, a veterinary hospital, Ayurvedic, and homeopathic clinics. There is a government higher secondary school and two lower primary schools on the island. The State Bank of Travancore and the service co-operative banks have branches here. The island also has its own agricultural office, village office, panchayat office, telephone exchange and post office. The main occupation of the islanders is fishing, prawn peeling, collecting oysters and shells and toddy tapping. Coir and furniture are the main industries in the island. But what attract tourists are the lovely coconut lagoon and the sparkling backwaters.

A junkar service, from Panavally in Alappuzha to the island is also available. This enables tourists to reach the island on motor vehicles. But the roads here are so narrow that heavy traffic is sure to hinder smooth travel. There are about five auto-rickshaws plying on the island but for the islanders the bicycle is the main mode of transport. This island has a population of around 15,000.
Perumbalam has a 100-year history. The island was considered to part of the route that the Arab travellers took on their way to Kochi. In the 16th century the Portuguese attacked Perumbalam, which was then a part of erstwhile Kochi kingdom. Once, the Rajah of Travancore visited the island and was astonished to find pure drinking water in the wells despite the close proximity of the saline backwaters. When you are tired of fighting the mosquitoes, fed up of the traffic snarls, choking from the pollution all around, pack a quick bite and set off to this isle of peace and solace.

PERUMBALAM IS 1.5 kilometres away from Poothotta, which is 19 kilometres from Kochi, on the Kottayam route. So, take a bus or taxi to Poothotta, from Kochi.
This island, is yet to be connected to the mainland by a bridge. From Poothotta, there are several passenger boats which will take you to these islands. There is a junkar service from Panavally in Alappuzha to the islands too.

Submitted By : Manoj R

the village
this village is centrally located  near the trichur Irinjalakuda route.   Though this village is mainly dominated by the Hindus, it has a very  good harmonious togetherness among all communities.  The village has a big historical temple. The main diety of the temple is Ammathiruvadi.   The  Makayeeram Purappadu and the colourful Navarathri Festival  are celebrated with great enthusiasm.    These celebrations are also witnessed by the  nearby villagers from Peruvanam, Aarattupuzha, Kadalassery, Cherpu, Vallachira etc.  

Submitted By : Ramachandran S. Menon

Important Institutions in the village
Thenhippalam is a special grade panchayat. The main institutions in the village are "University of Calicut",'' State Bank of Travancore", Thenhippalam Service Co-operative Bank",'' Calicut Govt. Campus Higher Secondary School, St. Pauls English Medium School, Chelari Govt. Higher Secondary School, "Ramya Theatre" and many more.

Karipur International Air port and Vallikkunnu Railway Station are very near to the village  

Submitted By : Mohammed ishaq thottathil

The place Melpadom is very beautiful and located in the bank of river Pampa. The river Pampa''s beautiful waves with the wind hugs my place. It is very small but the people from there are spreaded all over the world. Our honourable Chief Minister Mr. Oommen Chandy also belogs to this place in other words there is one more name called Vallakali.
A non-polluted and clean place sleeps about 8.00 pm till 6.00 am. Not a developed place as there is only one State Bank of Travancore, one lower primary & one upper primary school is there. Even there is not a clinic there. We the Pravasi''s are proud of our village that there is no illegal and criminal background our place have. No robbery, no theft, no fights etc. A major percentage of people from there  are working in overseas and in Defence Services. There are a lot of Nurses serving abroad and inland.
We like that place so much.

Submitted By : Daniel M. Thomas

Final word for serenity and silence - My Village
A small "gramam" amidst lush green and small hills.Fantastic place to have a retired life, people are down to earth and helping in nature.Mostly in farming , but a lot of new generation are  highly qualified and are abroad, database includes engineers,doctors,professors, and a lot.  

Submitted By : Manoj Menon

touris spot in kerala
maniyar dam,rinvers,forest,wild life  

Submitted By : arun

Perunna The Courtyard of Nair Service Socity
Has NSS HQ here and this was the place where the great idea of uniting nair socity was sparked. With people like Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan and then Kidangoor Gopalakrishna Pillai at the helm today the society of nair community is a potential political power in Kerala

Perunna Shri Subrahmanya Swami Temple where Harijans were allowed to enter the temple for the first time in the state of Travancore is situated here  

Submitted By : Lt Ajith P Nair (IN)

beutiful village
helo kadalundi is a beautiful island, situated in kozhikode district....  

Submitted By : shinod


Submitted By : SAJITH.K

Kottapadi is hardly 2/3 km away from the famous Lord Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor.  Now-a-days, tourists/pilgrims make it a point to visit the "Elephant Palace" at Kottapadi (Punnathur kotta).  The malayalam film "Guruvayur Kesavan" was mostly filmed at the Punnathur kotta.


Submitted By : k.n. nair

FRIENDS WE ARE NOW ENTER INTO SpiderKerala Village information netowrk

Submitted By : santhosh


Submitted By : Suresh Babu

nearby kozikkode district  

Submitted By : banya kundu

i don''t know  

Submitted By : banya kundu

GOD"S OWN..........!!!
My name is Harilal M.N. My parents are, Sree M.N. Lal and Srmt. Anandavally. My Address is Harilal M N, Moolavallil illom, Peroor P.O, Kottayam.Now, I am working in Bangalore as a CAD Designer.
I am not writing this only because of that I belong to this village. But, it is nothing but an undisputed fact that people here never have been quarelling or fighting in the name of religion. Here, nobody can sow the seeds of hatered, as the power of the unity of people here has been brought up from mutual understanding and love...!!  

Submitted By : Harilal M N

Changaleri is a small but beautiful village situated just 3 km from NH 213.  The village is surrounded in three sides by two rivers. The Kunthipuzha river, which later joins in Bharathapuzha river, joins with Nellipuzha in the western end of the village. Most of the villagers depends on agriculure and others engaged in buisines or jobs in private and public sector. The village is well connected by roads and it have good facilities for traveling.  

Submitted By : Hari Krishnan.K

A progressing in town in Malappuram
edapal is one of main local town in malappuram district. The destination is in national highways between kozhikode and trichur.  

Submitted By : kunchu


Submitted By : Bava, M.K

CHUNAKKARA have main four junctions.We will start from the north to south KOTTAMUKKU is the first junction.This junction is the centre of CHENGUNNUR--SASTHAMKOTTA and MAVELIKKARA--ADOOR ROAD.THIRUVAIROOR MAHA DEVA temple is situated one kilo meter east from this junction .Chunakkara GOVT V .H.S.E is near the MAHA DEVA temple.One kilo meter west far from the junction the most popular school CHERUPUSPHA BETHANY ENGLISH MEDIUM CENTRAL SCHOOL is landed.The N.S.S.U.P SCHOOL is situated near the junction. CHUNAKKARA POST OFFICE , CHUNAKKARA TELEPHONE EXCHANGE ,AGRICULTURAL OFFICE,VETENEARY HOSPITAL  are situated near the KOTTAMUKKU junction.                                                                                                                                                                 Next junction is MARKET junction.CHUNAKKARA  EVENING MARKET is situated here.CHUNKKARA GOVT U.P SCHOOL,PANCHAYATH OFFICE, VILLAGE OFFICE are situated this MARKET JUNCTION.                                                                                                                                                           Next junction is THERUVILMUKKU .One main MASJID  and CHURCH is situated near the junction.One kilo meter from this junctin to south another MASJID and CHUNAKKARA GOVT HOSPITAL was situated here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Next is the CHARUMOOD junction,this is a small TOWN AREA  One CHURCH  ,MASJID  and KERALA most popular NAGARAJA TEMPLE  VETTICODE NAGA RAJA TEMPLE is situated near the CHARUMOOD.  


Gliding through Kochi
Palluruthy is a place which is located very near to Fort Kochi and easily accessable from Ernakulam city.
One of the main attraction of our place is the old  Temple ''Sree Bhavaneshwara" which the diety Lord Shiva was establised by the famous scholar and reformer Sree Narayana Guru Devan.
The other attractions are picturesque small villages allocated with backwaters located near to Palluruthy are worth to visit.  

Submitted By : Vibin

i m not living in any village , Gulbahar is the urban area. And this is the place where i live.  

Submitted By : faisalsaeed

Kakkad  Is  a part of Piravom of Muvattupuzha Parliament constituency. It is surrounded by muvattupuzha  river  north, west and south. The very famous Pazhoor Padipura is in Kakkad . Agriculture is the main occupation of the people . There are different communal groups - all are in good harmony. There are several temples , churches in this place.  All the communities gather together for all festivals .  

Submitted By : Dr. Jose Thomas

The lands of struggles...!
The land of struggles....!


Submitted By : Biju.k

A typical Kerala Village in Kollam District, 8 Kms away from the town, a beatiful village with peace loving people.
Kottamkara was the biggest Panchayath in Kollam District.  Now it is devided into two Kottamkara and Elampalloor.
Sree Mampuzha Indilayappan Temple is one of the most famous pilgrim centre of this village.  

Submitted By : Shibu G.R.

kulappully is a small scale industry village in kerala and making lot  of agricultural equipments there all peoples are hartd working so i give the title  IRON MANS  


My village
My village name is muthukurussi, it is 4 km away from Thachamapara and 12 km from Mannarkkad towards palakkad. It falls under thachampara panjayath...  

Submitted By : Vijay

A Small Beautiful village in kanyakumari district
Kollemcode is a small beautiful village in the side of Arabian sea in kanyakumari district. About 50 % of the population here are Malayalam speaking peoples.  Major Languages spoken in this area are Malayalam and Tamil. Kollemcode is known for tradtional "Thookam" festival which is conducted at Kollemcode vattavila sree Bhadrakali temple.
Kollemcode is well connected by bus from Nagercoil, Parassala and Thiruvananthapuram.

The proposed Kasrgode - Colachel National waterway(Current A.V.M. Canal) Passes through Kollemcode.

Dr.M.Soosapakiam, who is the Arch Bishop of Thiruvananthapuram is a native of Marthandanthura in Kollemcode Municipality.  

Submitted By : Antony Lejo.S

pls visit you  ok?  

Submitted By : hameedmajal


Submitted By : hameedmajal


My Native--Kothanalloor
This is my birth place in the world.

Kothanalloor is known for the Devi temple located near the main junction.  

Submitted By : Prathap Chandran A.C

Velielchal is a small village surrounded by a beautiful mountain and very near to Periyar.

This parish comes under Kothamangalam Diocese and the church is St.Josephs church.  

Submitted By : SOPHY

Pattanur description
Pattanur is a beautiful place in Koodali panchayath.The village office is situated at Nayattupaara. pattannur is near to places like Irikkur,Chalode and Mattannur.mamanikkunnu Devi temple is only few kilometers from Pattanur.  

Submitted By : Sreejith J


Submitted By : BIJU

Onam Celebrations
Keraladithyapuram Residents Association (KERA) is celebrating Onam festival on 28 & 29 Aug 2004.  On 28th Atha.ppukkala competition is held.  On 29th arts competitions are held with traditional "uriyadi" "vadamvali" etc. are held.  prizes will be given away on 29th Aug at the public meeting . The meeting is followed by variety entertainments by the children of KERA members.  

Submitted By : R. Babukuttan Nair

mannor ids beautiful and peace full village in kerala ,it is very well known  for its culture of living  

Submitted By : sam

mannor ids beatiful and peace full village in kerala  

Submitted By : sam

This is a village where the people Lives in harmony  

Submitted By : Rajesh.R

bakapuram (kingdom of asura king baka)
Veeyapuram is located at the southern end of great Kuttanadu. The rivers Pampa, Achankoil and Manimala join here and reach Vembanad lake. The epic Mahabharata is related to this place. The Forest Khandava mentioned in Mahabaratha was located here as Khandavaprastha. Lord Krishna and Arjuna came here and set fire to the forest. People still get big trees from the paddy field. It is called "Kandamaram"- wood from Khandava forest.  

Submitted By : gopakumar c v

About Athani
Nedumbassery Aka Athani  is famous for having the "Cochin International Airport" in it.  

Submitted By : Susmi



Submitted By : Sarath

know about my village
my name is jacob. i am from pennukkara  iam working in kuwait  

Submitted By : JACOB P JOHN

Keraladithyapuram is a village on the outskirts of Trivandrum city.  There is a full fledged Residents Association.  They are working for the betterment of the people  

Submitted By : R. Babukuttan Nair
Please visit  

Submitted By : AbduSamad

education purpuse

  infor mation for vandiperiyar panchayath  

Submitted By : anishkmar


  detailed information for peermade taluk  

Submitted By : anishkumar

home village  

Submitted By : James Vattakunnel

all about the village
Keraladithyapuram is a village on the outskirts of Trivandrum city.  Many of the Schools like St. Thomas, Sarvodaya, Mar Ivaneous College, Mar Basalious Engg. College are situated closeby.  The people here are peace loving the god fearing.  altogether there is harmonious atmosphere.  Keraladithyapuram Residents Association (KERA) is in full swing organising so many programmes for the betterment of the people.  

Submitted By : R. Babukuttan Nair

Thottakad is a beautifull village. There is many schools, churches, temples etc. The community here are mainly Christian, Hindus,Muslims.  

Submitted By : Sanju Abraham

An Historical Place
It is an Historiacal Place which includes in the area of great Kadathnadu.
recently there may be some political disorders inthe area, but the people from any of the community and caste are peace loving good people.It could b eunderstood through the historical success of the District School Youth Festival held at Nadapuram. The participants got really an evermemorable experience from there.  

Submitted By : Abdul Rahoof

The Kottayam Medical college and Hospital is situated in Apookara.  The MG University is situated in the neighbouring panchayat Atirampusha.  

Submitted By : George

Puthuval is a village near Pathanapuram in the pathanamthitta Dt. and in the Addor Loksabha Constituency.  In your list Adoor is not mentioned.  Pathanapuram is in the Kollam Dt. But the pincode is 689695, for, the post office is at Pathanapuram.  

Submitted By : Rev.S.George

Nice place

Submitted By : Renjith

entethu matram

Submitted By : shyju palangat

Salmiyah - A Mumbai in Kuwait
Salmiyah is another "Mumbai"  in Kuwait. Various Nationalities live here very peacefully. We have a Pakistani & Indian School very close by. If you want to see Pakistani and Indian living together peacefully, then you have to come to Salmiyah.  

Submitted By : Josby




Submitted By : Ajesh

My Birthplace
This is the place wher my parents hail from.Though I was born here but spend major part of my life in MUMBAI.  

Submitted By : Annie Mary Francis

Golden Bells Ringing
Yes..Heres the most beautiful features of nature flourishing..Gods Own village...  

Submitted By : DSNair

i am asif o.k
this is my village  

Submitted By : ashif.ok

Kizhakkambalam is very famous because of it''s importance in Tourist and Industrial map. The most wanted Amusement park "Veega Land" is located in our village, also ''Kitex, Anna, Sara Spices group of companies'' are our one of the Echonomic strength. If you visited here your can see a nice green land with friendly people.  

Submitted By : Arun

anjoor kallayil shafeek
This village is one of the good nillage in the city of thrissur.
thera are 12 villagers lived on this village
one of the most famous and richest famaliy is KALLAYIL{MOHAMMED ALI & SONS}
ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS `ROUDHI` IS katta shajimon--and one of the good personality man is AHMED SALEEM in kallayil
one of the good artist and lajavathiye is ZAIN.
one of the good computer man is jassim bin ali.
and somany good people in live in this village.there are SAFIYA MOHAMMED ALI


From Gurgaon near IGI Airport, New Delhi
Congratulations! This is really a good work Mr. Tony!

Hi friends,

Very happy to browse through Spider Kerala, also to see my village “Neeleeswaram” has listed here.
I am shiny a native of Neeleeswaram, schooling done from St. Thomas H.S Malayattoor. College education was in Morning Star Home Science College Angamaly and in Sree Sankara College Kalady. Studied Chemical Engineering diploma at Govt. Polytechnic, Kalamassery  (1990-1993).
Started my career with FACT (FEDO) Eloor, during the year 1994. Then moved to FEDO, Baroda for a year.

I joined Bechtel Delhi, during Sept 1997. This is a multinational Engineering office located at the outskirts of Delhi, ie, Gurgaon - gives enough opportunity to work abroad.

At present I am settled in Gurgaon along with my husband and son. I would like to have communication with my old friends, batch mates and ex-colleagues.


Submitted By : Shiny Joby kanattu (Shiny varghese)

From Gurgaon near IGI Airport, New Delhi
Congratulations! This is really a good work Mr. Tony!

Hi friends,

Very happy to browse through Spider Kerala, also to see my village “Neeleeswaram” has listed here.
I am shiny a native of Neeleeswaram, schooling done from St. Thomas H.S Malayattoor. College education was in Morning Star Home Science College Angamaly and in Sree Sankara College Kalady. Studied Chemical Engineering diploma at Govt. Polytechnic, Kalamassery  (1990-1993).
Started my career with FACT (FEDO) Eloor, during the year 1994. Then moved to FEDO, Baroda for a year.

I joined Bechtel Delhi, during Sept 1997. This is a multinational Engineering office located at the outskirts of Delhi, ie, Gurgaon - gives enough opportunity to work abroad.

At present I am settled in Gurgaon along with my husband and son. I would like to have communication with my old friends, batch mates and ex-colleagues.


Submitted By : Shiny Joby kanattu (Shiny varghese)

Kooroppada village is one of the most beutifull places in Kerala. It consists of hils and valleys and small springs. Main agriculture is rubber.People are very hard working and friendly.Also most villagers are living in relegious harmony. This village is full with schools,churches and temples.If there is an exact planning for development ,this village can be turn in to a very developed area.  

Submitted By : BABY KURIAN

The name "Thiruvathra"
The name come from the variety of different castes in all the religion.  

Submitted By : sajeev k p

It’s my village .The first remembrance is the smell of cashew nuts and mangos.
In spring it’s full of flower, In winter it’s cool, In rain it’s Muddy, In  summer it’s dusty. It’s the place where Onam, Vishu, Ramsan, Bakreed like religious festivals celebrated in traditional manner. We are not yet divided the village as Hindus and Muslims, eventhough many times invasions occurred but we people are lucky to overcome that.
    The main Festival in our village is the “Thalappoli “ in chathankottupuram Bhagavathy Temple.(Chathagottupuram is evolved from “ Sasthave angottu puram”, Many names also abbreviated from the origin name to other name.some peoples  Have name like “Chee Raman” but their actual name at the time of “Peridal “is “Sree Raman”
.The last sins of  fudalisam)
    We have a mixed culture. Thiruvathirakkali, Oppana, Nagathan pat ..etc are the traditional  cultural forms we have.
   We have a “ Sarpa Kavu” where  entry is restricted. The sound of “Pulluvan Kudam”
is  a  “Lehary” for all of us.
    Although most of the village peoples stop their studies at 7th or 10th now these days we are improved very much. This year 12th rank of S.S.L.C is bagged by  “Biju” who is from a farmer’s family. We have some great writers too(please give information about the persons you know in art).
   We have a lot of improvement. Up to my Post graduation I studied in front of the kerosene Lamp like other students in this village. Now we have tarred roads, electricity,Phones.. What more… some English medium Schools too.
We are best in “Spirits”, more than “liquor”, “Foot Ball” make us blind. we have a lot of clubs, which won a lot of tournaments and which made a lot of clashes.
Draw Back
The cell phone operators have a lot of fear on us, because we people are reactive and aggressive, so that we don’t get any range for cell phones in our Village.

Submitted By : Phelix

SIMPLY Narukara
Located off the Manjeri Kozhikode road, narukara is a small village comprising a healthy mix of Hindus and Muslim communities living in harmony. The village is guarded on entry by the dieties in a small temple called by the village name Narukara. True to Kerala, u find yourself streching your eyes on the vast  fields lush with varieties of crops. U cannot ignore the Coconut trees ofcourse, towering on the sides and sort of marking border of the fields from residences.
As you discover the area you find that it is progressing towards being self sufficient  in all aspects. Whether the new college that has made the news or new swanky residences giving a hint of prosperity in the region.
Though for shopping other than for your basic needs a travel to Manjeri (just a short distance by bus) is unavoidable.
A very calm area it may seem, but enter the mainland and u find people busily going about their activities. Very social and very entertaining. Politics is in the blood of keralites and Narukara is no different. You see party offices and clubs very boldy declaring themselves. Bus stops and Tea shops are the places where you can meet most of the inhabitants of the area.

Though it does not boast of any tourist attractions, it certainly is the place for a quiet escape. DISCOVER IT SIMPLY.


Submitted By : sathyan nair

SIMPLY Narukara
Located off the Manjeri Kozhikode road, narukara is a small village comprising a healthy mix of Hindus and Muslim communities living in harmony. The village is guarded on entry by the dieties in a small temple called by the village name Narukara. True to Kerala, u find yourself streching your eyes on the vast  fields lush with varieties of crops. U cannot ignore the Coconut trees ofcourse, towering on the sides and sort of marking border of the fields from residences.
As you discover the area you find that it is progressing towards being self sufficient  in all aspects. Whether the new college that has made the news or new swanky residences giving a hint of prosperity in the region.
Though for shopping other than for your basic needs a travel to Manjeri (just a short distance by bus) is unavoidable.
A very calm area it may seem, but enter the mainland and u find people busily going about their activities. Very social and very entertaining. Politics is in the blood of keralites and Narukara is no different. You see party offices and clubs very boldy declaring themselves. Bus stops and Tea shops are the places where you can meet most of the inhabitants of the area.

Though it does not boast of any tourist attractions, it certainly is the place for a quiet escape. DISCOVER IT SIMPLY.


Submitted By : sathyan nair

The Ever green Place in bank of Periyar
realy nice place of ever green trees, exotic plants with clear running water wild animals, dam,flowering trees , wide roads ,less industrialy disturbed ,educated peoples , most of them migrated( new generation) to different part of globe .heavily transported  

Submitted By : BENNY GEORGE manali

pulappatta the hill station
Pulappatta is near kalladikkode mountain and very famous temples like sathramkave,nalissery Bhagavaty temple,thiruvilayanadu temple,patheeswaram temple are .Nalissery pooram is very famous. Tippusultam raod is conneting palakkad and Mannarkkad is very famous.Pallathkalam tharavadu is one of the ancient tharavadu,from there Krishnan kutty Nair who works in Abudhabi for last 15 years.  

Submitted By : unni


Submitted By : ajayyanpk

Dstrict road to Athirappilly
The most beautiful place in the world. The most peaceful land in india. Christians are more here. Many industries like Pamba rice, I.T.C ,Federal bank engineering college -FISAT  

Submitted By : SHINE .K. PAUL

Kizhakkambalam B+  

Submitted By : Bijoy Philipose

Harmony of the people and the nature
The quote "Venice of the East" to Alappuzha may just suits due to the canals running through the town, the harmony of its people to the nature should be more appreciated. From our folks have so many life styles from going to the sea for fishing to the people who live in our backwaters to the people in our sandy areas, to the freshwater fishermen, and the town dwellers and the lists goes on....Come and visit us and enjoy our hospitality. Be a part of our multi religious society, where harmony and peace exists in true sense. Be at peace of mind in our temples, churches and mosques... Be with the nature.....  

Submitted By : Dr.Krishna Menon

village with the blessings of god ayyappan
m.g kavu is a beautiful village. there is a beautifultemple of god is a lovely place with all the beauty of a small village."utsavam "in this ayyappa temple and the"niramala"are the main  main attractions.  

This village is in between the two towns named Wandoor and Manjeri.  In north/east border the other village Thiruvali is situated. Out of  the desam''s inlcuded like Peleppuram, Mylooth, Karayil, Chathangotupuram, cherukode etc. Peleppuram is my desam.   There is one High School in Charankavi and 2 3 lower/upper primary schools.  Chathangotupuram is one of the famour temple out of Kundada Shiva kshethram, Kuzhalool Shiva kshethram, Mylooth Bhagavati Kshethram etc.  There will be Thalappoli  at Chathangottupuram Bhagavathi Kshethram every year  celebrated by the whole villagers without any religious difference.  There are two Post offices in Elankur, one at Peleppuram and the other in Manchappatta. Greenary every where is plus one quality of this village. The total population is Hindus and Muslims.  

Submitted By : Venu Gopal

Nellikala- A chapter from history
Nellikala is small village situated between Kozhencherry & Pathanamthitta. It is said that there were lot of gooseberry trees here, once upon a time.
Nellikala has got a Government Primary School, Marthoma Middle School and SNDP High School.
Oottupara- a huge rock in the village is the main attraction. It is believed that the "oottu" sadya for Aranmula temple used to be conducted on top of this rock. There are two ponds and footmark of Bhima on this rock.  

Submitted By : Jacob Thomas

This is a small village located one k.m. from Ottapalam town center.  

Submitted By : Rajesh T. Nair

having river, railway station etc.Passing perumpilavu-nilambur state highway  

Submitted By : ajmal

pride of kaniyapuram
Kaniyapuram is well known in the outside by its contribution in the field of religious,cultural and political fields,the personalities like Kaniyapuram Abdul Razak Mastan thangal,Kaniyapuram Ramachadran,Hakkimji Saheb.EX.MLA,N.Lekshamanan vydian,A.Alikunju Sastry,now M.S.Wahid,Kaniyapuram Sainudeen etc
Once it was known as ''kochu ponnani'' of south kerala.Pallipuram paddy fields,CRP Centre,Kadinamkulam kayal,coir wokers,all communities living together harmoniously, are the land mark of kaniyapuram  

Submitted By : Abujeena


Submitted By : vinay prajapati

my village
chittlancherri is my village . its before has all the beauties of kerala. it has 2 schools one primary and the other high school . it has two temples . chernaturri bhagvathi temple . this place is a quiet place with simple village folks . though modernity is slowly creeping into the place. chittalancherri vela is also famous.we have malma kali taking place during may  

Submitted By : pradip kumar


Submitted By : Muhammed Hisham TK


Submitted By : MELISSA SASI

the village of experts
The beautiful village is situated in the river bank of Ithikkara river.Arkkannoor Sri Durga temple is a famous temple in the locality.The place gave birth to a few great KATHAKALI artists,AYURVEDIC practitionors and ancestral architects.The proposed PERAPPAYAM dam is expectrd to be build in near future.  

Submitted By : Sarath.S.Pillai


Submitted By : DILEEP.P.C.


Submitted By : V.A.Jamaludin


Submitted By : V.A.Jamaludin


Submitted By : V.A.Jamaludin

pulamanthol  my village      

Submitted By : shamsu dheen

Irivetty is situating at Kavanur Panjayat of Malappuram Dt. Peoples are educated and in the case of Education Irivetty is top in the Panchayat. This is a calm and quet place, diffrent kind of peoples living in a co-operative manner. Peoples main income is Agicurlure.  

Submitted By : Muneer.M.P

Mannanam, Kottayam
Mannanam is situated in the district of Kottayam. This Gramapanchayath under Athirampuzha Panchayath is surrounded by Ammancherry, Kaipuzha, Arpookkaraand Athirampuzha. M. G. University is just 1.5 km. from Mannanam. It is also a pilgrim place, for the founder of CMI congregation, Kuriakose Elias Chavara.

Mannanam is well linked with the other places with road, water transporting facilities. You can arrive at Mannanam either from Kottayam, via Medical College or from Ettumannoor, via M. G. University or from Vaikom via Neendoor, Kaipuzha. There is a good boat service also from Mannanam, to Alappey. The famous market of Athirampuzha was reached by thousands of people through the river that flows through Mannanam.

Education and Institutions
St. Joseph''s LP School, St. Ephrem''s High School, Kuriakose Elias Eng. Med. School, K. E. College, St. Joseph''s Teachers Training College, Premiere ITC etc. makes Mannanam a Village really worthy to be in Kottayam, the first district in India to achieve complete literacy. There are also Computer training Centres, Private Colleges, Nursery Schools and many other institutions at Mannanam. There is also St. Joseph’s Press, one of the oldest presses in Kerala here. There are a lot of Book stalls and other printing presses here. St. Ephrems High School is also one of the oldest Schools in Kerala.

Medical facilities
The Kottayam Medical College is just 4 kms from Mannanam. Caritas(Diocese of Kottayam, one of the leading Hospitals with the new Cancer Care Centre also about 4 kms away. There are also many ayurvedic centers.

There are Two churches here, namely, St. Joseph''s Church(Ashramadevalayam), of the CMI congregation and St. Stephen''s Church, of the diocese of Kottayam, of the Knanites. There are two temples also situated at Mannanam. There lives people of Christian, Hindu  and Islamic faiths here in peace and love.

Standard of living
Many are of the middle class working people. A number of people abroad also adds to the economy of the village. The presence of the M. G. University, many schools and colleges and of the medical institutions also offers good opportunity of work.

Main feasts
January 3, Kuriakose Elias Chavara (CMI Church, Mannanam)
May 19, St. Joseph’s Feast               (CMI Church, Mannanam)
26 December St. Stephen                 (St. Stephen’s Church, Mannanam)

The personal details given should not be given for any public or private use.

Submitted By : Jogy Vadakara

The above named place in Kollam Dist.
and it''s three boundaries are surrounded by Ashtamudi lake. It''s very beautiful area and silent in nature.  

Submitted By : s.santhosh

Thottapally is a small village in ambalapuzzha .The place where one can get peace of mind .A real treat for the people who wants to see the true picture and beauty of kerala.  

Submitted By : SUMESH PILLAI

very good  

Submitted By : abdulrazakpv

A village full of greenery on the banks of the Holy river Pampa. Very near to Sabarimala, the abode of Lord AYYAPPA.  

Submitted By : Mahesh Parameshwaran

Green Village
My village  

Submitted By : Abdul Nazar Pulath


Submitted By : ROSHAL


A place of natural beauty
ILLITHODE - a typical Kerala village, decorated with mountains on one side and the beautiful river Periyar on the other side. 99% of the people live with agriculture. Still it is not a developed village and that fact make it one of the beautiful villages in the country.

The deep forests and river periyar attracts lot of tourists and film makers. Its worth making a short visit and you can enjoy your evening here.  

Submitted By : Tony John

Uluthy-oru kochu nalla gramom
ulunthy is famous for its natural beauty, with different kinds of people. Fishing is one of the important trade. ulunthy is famous for the ancient  thewar temple / and a catholic church.  

Submitted By : Gopakumar

This is in the Shoranur municipality. There is a railway junction here which was a strategic one for the british before independence. Shoranur is in the border of Palakkad and Trichur Districts. The Metal Industries ( a Kerala Govt. Undertaking ) is situated in Kallippadam.  

Submitted By : MP Raju

Situated towards east of R.K Junction is the divine abode of Arayakulangra Amma.
Surronding it the local people do cherish over the blessings of amma.
Kavadi, & other celebrations followed by ponkala on the utsav day are traditionally uphelded by all.  

Submitted By : Raj

my name is Ashok Kadoor this is my place mayyil.I born and bought up in kadoor niranthodu, place is vey nice
my email id  

Submitted By : Ashok

description of Keraladithyapuram
Keraladithyapuram is a beautiful village on the outskirts of Trivandrum City.All educational institutions i.e., Mar Ivaneous College, Mar Basalious Engg. College, Sarvodayay Vidyalaya, St. Thomas Schools, St. Johns Model HSS, St. goretti"s Girls High School are nearby to this village. KSRTC city buses ply in this route quite often.  there are so many temple i.e. Kelamangalam Vishnu temple - a temple in which the idol of Mahavishnu faces to west- Mylappally Devi Temple are two major temples and thee are also so many temples.  There is a well equipped Library "Janatha Reading Room" .  Amaaezhannchan thodu flows through this village which addss the bearuty.  Most of the people of this area are government servants.  

Submitted By : R. Babukuttan Nair

gods own country
Vadakara, a place were people love and understand eachother...its really gods own country..and u can feel it when ur to be call as the person from the beloved place...  

Submitted By : call me anything ..but with love

More About My village Nattika
Nattikage villagile cherakkara desam,
kizhakku kanoli kanal, including 2 famous temples, 1. Thriprayar Sree Rama Kshethram 2. Sree Hanuman Kshethram etc.. etc..

Submitted By : Sandya

Kurisumudi Church
Kurisumudi (where they found the cross) as it is popularly known, is 1269 feet above the sea level. Set in serene conditions, one cannot miss the divine. Mountain peaks gently caressing the clouds, the shimmering sheen of the Periyar below, the steep cliffs and the winding roads, all provide an ambience that is truly heavenly. Right from the time of the golden cross was found, the locals began a practice of lighting an oil lamp and whenever the lamp gave in for the wind, a herd of goats came down wailing and people used to climb the mountain and light the lamp again. Pilgrims who climb the mountain, even today carry with them seasamum seeds to feed the goats, even though goats are a rare sight.

Submitted By : Tony John

History of Malayattoor - Kurisumudy
Malayattoor (A meeting place of land, mountain and river) shot into prominence when she was blessed by the missionary work of St. Thomas the apostle of Jesus Christ. After receiving wholeheartedly the mandate to evalgelize the world, St. Thoams set out on an arduous journey which saw him land in the land of spices. He set foot at Kodungalloor, the famous port of yester years, in AD 52. The burning zeal within him to spread the good news carried him across the length and breadth of the land and founded the seven churches in Kodungalloor, Quilon, Niranam, nilakkal, Kokkamangalam, Kottakavu and Paalayoor.  

Submitted By : Tony John

Malayattoor is beautiful village in Ernakulam district of Kerala. The most wonderful land in Gods own country.

Malayattoor is the land of Saint Thomas


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