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Aiming high through the development of park concept
Posted Date: 29 Jan, 10
Last Response Date: 29 Jan, 10
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Author: billr john

vip road

When talking about the package tourism model, the national governments across the whole world have experimented with different sustainable development models.  The development of exclusive tourism zones has helped to increase the revenue from tourism.  It is also possible to create zones exclusively within certain categories.  In kerala holiday package  have concentrated in offering a different fare laced with options across different categories.  A visitor has the option to explore to his heart’s content either by moving around exclusively within a particular zone or by moving into different other areas.

Rollins (1993) illustrates, however, that zoning is primarily a natural resource based approach, and does not define the types or levels of recreational opportunities the can occur within such regions of the park.  Visitor management within parks in North America is addressed through a number of pre-planned management frameworks, including
• The Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS)
• The Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC)
• The Visitor Activity Management Process (VAMP)

The former two are American and the latter is Canadian.  Only about 2 percent of Canada’s land mass is protected within the national parks system.  National parks, though, represent only one of the many systems in that country that has been developed to safeguard the biophysical resources.  Others include provincial parks, wildlife reserves, environmentally fragile and sensitive areas, areas of natural and scientific interest, biosphere reserves and world heritage sites.

However, all told, these protected areas represent between 6 and 7 percent of the Canadian landscape, but the actually protected area is only 2.6 percent, if one excludes protected areas where logging, mining, and hunting are nevertheless allowed (Rollins and Dearden 1993).  Furthermore, it has taken some 110 years to fully establish 38 national parks in Canada.  In Kerala also the concept of nature parks and its popularity hinges upon the proper management of the parks and also in designating newer areas for conservation.
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