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Kochi - The heart of God's own country!

Emakulam (Kochi) is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea with Kottayam and Alappuzha districts on the south, Idukki on the east and Trissur on the north. The commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Kochi, in Ernakulam, is also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. With one of the finest natural harbours in the world, this was once a major center of commerce and trade with the Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, and British etc.


Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace)
(Open 1000 - 1700 hrs. Closed on Fridays):
Built by the Portuguese in 1557 and Presented to Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Kochi, the palace was renovated in 1663 by the Dutch. On display here are beautiful murals depicting scenes from the epic Ramayana and Mahabharatha, and some of the Puranic Hindu legends. The palace also house Dutch maps of old Kochi, royal palanquins, coronation robes of former maharajas of Kochi as well as period furniture.

(Open 1000 - 1200 hrs; 1500 - 1700 hrs. Closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays):
Constructed in 1568, this is the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth. Destroyed in a shelling during the Portuguese raid in 1662, it was rebuilt two years later by the Dutch. Known for mid 18th century hand painted, willow patterned floor from Canton in China, a clock tower, Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs, great scrolls of the Old Testament, ancient scripts on copper plates etc.

Jew Town:
The area around the Synagogue is a center of spice trade and curio shops.

Cherai Beach:
This lovely beach bordering Vypeen Island is ideal for swimming. Dolphins are occasionally seen here. A typical Kerala village with paddy fields and coconut groves nearby is an added attraction.

Bolgatty Island:
This tropical island is famous for its palace of the same name. The Bolgatty Palace was built in 1744 by the Dutch and later taken over by the British. Today it is a hotel run by the Kerala Tourism Devolpment Corporation, with a small golf course and special honeymoon cottages.

Willingdon Island:
Named after Lord Willingdon, a former British Viceroy to India, this man made island is surrounded by beautiful backwaters. The island is the site of the city's best hotels and trading centers, the Port Trust and the headquarters of the southern naval command.

The Hill Palace Museum, Thripunuthura:
(Open 0900-1230 hrs; 1400 - 1630 hrs. Closed on Mondays):
10 km from Kochi, Hill Palace, the official residence of the erstwhile Kochi royal family, was built in 1865. The complex consists of 49 buildings in the traditional architectural style of Kerala and is surrounded by 52 acres of terraced land with a deer park. A full-fledged ethno-archaeological museum and Kerala's first ever heritage museum are the main attractions. Displayed inside the thirteen galleries are oil paintings, 19th century paintings, murals, sculptures in stone and plaster of Paris, manuscripts, inscriptions and coins from the royal collection.

Museum of Kerala History:
(Open 1000 - 1700 hrs; Closed on Mondays)
Just 8 km from Ernakulam, the museum showcases historical episodes from the Neolithic to the modem era through life size figures. Light and sound shows are regularly organized with commentaries in English and Malayalam. There is also a gallery of paintings and sculptures, displaying over 200 original works by contemporary Indian artists. The Center for Visual Arts has a collection of the authentic reproduction of selected world masters and also larger-than-life mural reproductions of Indian art.

Access: Backwater ferry/bus/ auto rickshaw
A leisurely walk through the city is the best way to discover historic Fort Kochi. An obscure fishing village that become the first European township in India, Kochi has an eventful and colorful history. Its reputation as a seafaring commercial town was such that Nicolas Conti, an Italian traveler of the Middle Ages remarked:

If China is where you make your money, and then Kochi surely is the place to spend it.

The town was shaped by the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British. The result of these cultural influences is seen in the many examples of Indo European architecture that still exist here.

Places of interest in Fort Kochi.

Chinese Fishing Nets/Vasco da Gama Square:
These huge cantilevered fishing nets are the legacy of one of the first visitors to the Malabar Coast. Erected here between 1350 and 1450 by traders from the court of Kublai Khan, these nets are built of teak wood and bamboo poles. The best place to watch the nets being lowered into the sea and catch being brought in is the Vasco da gama Square, a narrow promenade that run along the beach. The Square is an ideal place to Idle, with stalls serving fresh delicious seafood, tender coconut etc.

The Bishop's House:
Built in 1506 as the residence of the Portuguese Governor, the Bishop's House stands on a little hillock near the Parade Ground. The facade of the House is characterized by large Gothic arches, and has circular garden path winding up to the main entrance. The building was acquired by Dom Jos Gomes Ferreira, the 27th Bishop of the Diocese of Kochi whose jurisdiction extended over Burma, Malaya and Ceylon, in addition to India.

Old Harbour House:
This elegant old bungalow built in 1808 is in the possession of Carrit Moran & Co, renowned tea brokers, who now use it as their residence. The house was once a boat club.

Fort Immanuel:
This bastion of the Portuguese in Kochi was a symbol of the strategic alliance between the Maharajah of Kochi and the monarch of Portugal, after whom it was named. Built in 1503, the fort was reinforced in 1538.By 1806 the Dutch and later the British had destroyed most of the fort walls and its bastions. Today remains of this once imposing structure can be seen along the beach.

Bastion Bungalow:
Built in the Indo-European style way back in 1667, the Bungalow gets its name from its location on the site of the Stromsburg Bastion of the Dutch fort. The building blends beautifully into the circular structure of the bastion, has a tiled roof and a typical first floor verandah in wood along its front portion. Though it has been said that a network of secret tunnels run beneath the bungalow, none have been found. Today the Bungalow is the official residence of the Sub Collector.

Taker House:
This graceful building holds within itself a reflection of the colonial era. The Bungalow was built on the site of the Guilderland Bastion, one of the seven bastions of the Old Dutch fort. Earlier known as Kunal or Hill Bungalow, it was home to the managers of the National Bank of India during the British reign. Today the Bungalow belongs to Ram Bahadur Thakur and Company, the renowned tea-trading firm.

The United Club:
Once upon a time one of the four elite clubs of the British in Kochi, the United Club today serves two roles-as classrooms for the nearby St. Francis Primary School by day and as card room for the current members by evening. Until 1907, the building housed the offices of the Fort Cochin Municipality.

The Cochin Club:
The club, with its impressive library and collection of sporting trophies, is housed in a beautifully landscaped park. In the early 1900s, when the club had just become operational, admission was restricted to the British and to men only. Today, though the club retains its traditional English ambience, its rules are more liberal and the membership of 250 includes women as well. Strangely enough, alcohol is not served on the premises. .

David Hall:
Though built around 1695 by the Dutch East India Company, David Hall gets its name from one of its later occupants, David Koder, a Jewish businessman. The Hall was originally associated with Hendric Adriaan van Reed tot Drakestein, renowned Dutch commander better known for Hortus Malabaricus, a pioneering compilation on the flora of the Malabar Coast.

Parade Ground:
the four-acre Parade Ground was where once the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British colonists conducted their military parades and drills. And the buildings around the around housed their defense establishments. Today the largest open ground in Fort Kochi, the Parade Ground is a sports arena.

Koder House:
This magnificent building constructed by SamueI Koder of The Cochin Electric Company in 1808 is a supreme example of the transition from colonial to Indo-European architecture. Features like verandah seats at the entrance, floor tiles set in a chess board pattern, red coloured brick like facade, carved wood furniture and a wooden bridge connecting to a separate structure across the street are all unique to this bungalow.

Pierce Leslie Bungalow:
The elegant mansion was the office of Pierce Leslie & Co.,Coffee merchants, founded in 1862. A representative of the Fort Cochin colonial bungalow, this building reflects Portuguese, Dutch and 10cal influences. Characteristic features are wood panels that from the roof of the ground floor, arched doorways, carved doors and sprawling rooms. Waterfront verandahs are an added attraction.

Vasco House:
Believed to have been the residence of Vasco da Gama, this is the oldest Portuguese residence in Fort Kochi. Built in the early sixteenth century, Vasco House sports the typical European glass paned windows and balcony cum verandahs characteristic of the times.

VOC Gate:
The large wooden gate facing the Parade Ground, with the monogram (VOC) of the once mighty Dutch East India Company carved on it, was built in 1740.

The Dutch Cemetery:
The tombstones here are the most authentic record of the hundreds of Europeans who left their homeland in a mission to expand their colonial empires changed the course of history of land. The cemetery was consecrate 1724 and is today managed by Church of South India.

Santa Cruz Basilica:
Church was built by the Portugese and elevated to a Cathedral by PopeIV in 1558. In 1795 it fell into the hands of the British when they took over Cochin and was demolished. Over 100 years later Bishop Ferreira commissioned a new building at the same site in 1887.The church was proclaimed a Basilica in 1984 by Pope John Paul 11.

Loafer's Corner/Princess Street:
One of the earliest streets in Fort Kochi, Princess Street with its European style residences still retains its old world charm. The best view of this quaint street can be had from the Loafer's Corner, the traditional meeting Place and hangout of the fun loving people of the area.

St. Francis Church:
Built in 1503 by Portuguese Franciscan fathers this is India's oldest European church. This was initially built of timberand later reconstructed in stone masonary. It was restored in 1779 by the Protestant Dutch, converted to an Anglican church by the British in 1795 and is at present governed by the Church of South India . Vasco da Gama was buried here in 1524 before his mortal remains were moved to Lisbon, Portugal. The tombstone still remains.


Kearala Tourism Development Corporation Ltd(KTDC):
Boat cruise(daily two trips: 09.00_12.30hrs & .1400-1730 hrs)
Sunset Cruise(1730-1900 hrs) - 3hour back water village cruise (dail ) .
Two day Periyar Wildlife Tour (leaves every Saturday 0730-hrs-returns Sunday 2000 hrs)
For details contact: The KTDC Tourist Reception Centre, Shanmugham Road., Ernakulam, Kochi 682011
Ph: 353234, 382199 (Office Hours:0800-1900 hrs)

Tourist Desk:.'Backwater village tour (daily two trips:0900-1300 hrs & 14001830 hrs)
For details contact: Tourist Desk, Main Boat Jetty, Near Subash Park, Emakulam. Ph: 371761.

Vamanamoorthy Temple:
Inscriptions from the 10th to the 13th century are found in this temple in Thrikakkara, near Emakulam.
Santhanagopala-Krishanaswamy Temple: The original foundation of this temple was laid in 947 AD according to the inscriptions found here.
Chendamangalam (42 km from Ermakulam town) This is a rare geographical combination of three rivers, seven inlets, hillocks and vast expanses of green plains.
The Paliam Palace, abode of the Paliath Achans, hereditary Prime Ministers to the erstwhile Maharajas of Kochi, represents the architectural splendour of Kerala. The Palace houses a collection of historic, documents and relics. The hillocks at Kottayil Kovilakom presents the unusual sight of a temple, a church, a mosque and the remains of a Jewish synagogue, all situated next to each other.
Also interesting is a visit to the remains of the Vypeenkotta Seminary built in the 16th century by the Portuguese.

Kaladi (45 km from Emakulam town)
The birthplace of Adi Sankaracharya, the great Advaita philosopher of the 8th century. Temples dedicated to Sri Sankara, Sarada Devi, Sri Ramakrishna add to the sanctity of the destination. A place called Crocodile Ghat is where Sri Sankara took his vows of renunciation. According to legends, a crocodile caught hold of him and refused to release him until Sankara's mother Aryamba permitted him to accept Sanyas (renunciation)

Situated in the high ranges on the southern bank of the Periyar, Kodanad is a training centre for captive elephants from . Elephants specially trained for safari are provided with saddles for riding by tourists. There is also a mini zoo for wild animals here.

Malayattoor (47 km from Kochi)

Malayatoor is famous for the catholic church on the 609 m high Malayatoor hill (dedicated to St. Thomas). Thousands of devotees undertake the pilgrimage to the shrine to participate in the annual festival-Malayatoor Perunnal (March/April). St. Thomas is believed to have prayed at this shrine.

Bhoothathankettu (50 km north east of Ernakulam town)
A picturesque heaven situated in a vast forest, this mythologically popular picnic spot lies close to the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary at Thattekkadu. Two of the main irrigation projects of Ernakulam districts the Periyar Valley Irrigation Project and the Idamalayar Irrigation Project are also located nearby. Trekking through the enchanting wilderness to the old Bhoothathankettu holds promises of excitment to adventure lovers.

Thattekkad bird Sanctuary (20 km from Kothamangalam on the Kochi_ Munnar route):
This sanctuary, nestled in evergreen forests, was discovered by the renowned ornithologist of India, Dr. Salim Ali and is named after him' The sanctuary is notable for indigenous birds like the Malabar grey-hornbill, the woodpecker, rose-ringed and bluewinged parakeet etc. Rare birds like the Ceylon frog-moth and the Rose-billed roller are also seen here. Diverse migrant species home in here during seasons. Wildlife can also be sighted often.


Athirapally waterfalls (80 km).

Guruvayoor (108 km): Sree Krishna Temple (non Hindus are not allowed).

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (I92 km).

Munnar (I30 km): Hill station, tea plantations .

Kumarakom (92 km): Backwater Resort

Lakhadweep Islands
Lakhadweep, a Union Territory of India, is a aroup of 36 islands, located in the Arabian Sea, about 300 km off Kochi. Of these islands, Androt, Amini, Agatti, Chetlat, Kadamat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti and Minicoy are inhabited. The main occupation of the island is fishing. The languages spoken are Malayalam and Mahl. Indian nationals can visit Lakshadweep through package tours offered by SPORTS.PH: 668387, 668647. Foreign tourists are permitted only to Bangaram Island,


Telephone access code: + 91-484

Cochin International airport, Nedumbassery (20 km from the town)
Phone: 0484-610113
Airline offices:
  • Air India, M.G.Road Ph: 380700, 351295.
  • Indian airlines, D.H.Road Ph: 141, 370242.
  • Jet Airways, Atlantis, M.G.Road Ph: 369423.
  • Air Maladives (Spencer & Co.Ltd), M.G. Road Ph: 381937.
  • Oman Air (R.L. Travels), Atlantis, M.G.Road Ph: 380515.
  • Cathay Pacific (Spencer & Co.Ltd), M.G.Road Ph: 362064.
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines (Arafat Travels), M.G.Road Ph: 352689 .
  • Swissair (Aviation Travels),.M.G.Road Ph: 367811.
  • British Airways (Nijhawon Travels), M.G.Road Ph: 364867.
  • Kuwait Airways (National Travels)
Eranakulam is a major railhead of the Southern Railway
  • Main station Ernakulam Junction ph: 131.
  • Other stations: Ernakulam Town Ph: 390920;
  • Kochi Harbour Terminus Ph: 666050
The KSRTC Central Bus Station is near the Junction Railway Station Ph 372033.
Private buses operate from High Court Junction, Railway station and KaloorJn. .
Tamil Nadu Road Transport bus station Ph: 372616
Interstate private bus services to Bangalore,Coimbatore, Mangalore Chennai and Madurai .
  • Indira Travels, near Jose Jn.Ph: 360693.
  • Yes bee travels, near Jose Jn. Ph: 353080.
  • Princy Tours, Opp.Sealord Hotel Ph; 354712.
  • Conti Travels, Jose Jn.Ph: 353080.
  • Sharma Trasports, Grand Hotel Ph: 350712
  • Ashirwad Travels, Jose Jn.Ph: 367709.
  • Souparnika Travels, Sadanam Road Ph: 382424
Ferry services:
There are two ferry stations in Ernakulam. The main Boat Jetty is one km from the Junction railway station and the other is near the High Court.
  • Ferry timings: (From the main boat jetty):
  • Vypeen : Frequent services (1/2 hour journey)
  • Mattancherry : Daily 6 ferries (1/2 hour journey) at 0910,0940, 1100,1400,1520,1740 hrs
  • Fort Kochi: Daily 30 services (20 minute journey) first trip at 0600 Hrs
  • And the last at 21.10 hrs
  • Varapuzha: Daily 6 boats (2hour journey)
  • Willingdon Island : Frequent services (15 minute journey)
Tourist Information Office:
  • Tourist Information Officer, Dept of Tourism - Kerala Ph: 360502.
  • Tourist Reception Center - KTDC. Shanmugham Rd. Ph: 353234, 382199
  • Tourist Desk, Main Boat Jetty Ph: 371761 .
  • DTPC Tourist Information Center, Park Avenue Ph: 371488

  • Banagaram Island Resort (for reservations, contact Casino Group of Hotels, Kochi Ph: 668221
    Tariff for double occupancy: US$ 190)
  • Agatti Island Beach Resort
    (For reservation contact: Ist Floor, Triptha, Market Road, Ernakulam Ph: 361685)

IATA approved Travel agents/Tour operators:
  • Akbar Travels of India, Ravipuram Ph: 369043.
  • Air Travel Enterprises Ph; 369246.
  • Athena Travels, M.G.road Ph: 374456.
  • Admiral Travel Bureau (India) Ltd., M.G.Road Ph; 360811.
  • Atlanta Travels India, M.G.Road Ph; 353614.
  • Anna Maria Travels & Tours, Ravipuram Ph:361510.
  • ChoiceTours&Trave I s, Pallimukku Ph: 351779.
  • Concord tours and Travels Ph: 366739.
  • Creative Travels & Tours, Karimpatta Ph; 372160.
  • Corax Travels & Trade Links, Kaloor Ph: 330691.
  • Grid Lock Travels India, Ravipuram Ph; 355528.
  • Govan Travels, Hospital Road Ph; 380775.
  • Great India Tour Company, Kurisupalli Road Ph: 374962.
  • Harrison's Malaya,am, Willingdon Island Ph: 668023.
  • Jai Hind 'Travels, Ravipuram Ph: 353249.
  • Olympus Travels M.G.Road Ph; 373630.
  • Omega Travel and Tourist Agency, Warriam Road Ph: 369417.
  • PL World Ways Ltd., M.G.Road Ph: 366144
  • Pioneerfravels, Willingdon Island Ph: 666148.
  • Princy World Travels, Marine Drive Ph: 352751.
  • Planners Group International,Town Hall Road Ph: 360526.
  • Sita World Travels, M.G. Road Ph: 373212.
  • Speed Winas Travels & Cargo, Sreekandath Road Ph: 353351.
  • Supreme Tours India, Ravipuram Ph: 360690.
  • Star Tours & Travels India, M.G. Road Ph: 372766.
  • Simi's Airlinks Ltd., Pailimukku Ph; 362726.
  • TradeWings, M.G.road Ph: 367938
  • Travel Corporation of India,M.G.Road Ph: 351646.
  • Unipacific Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd.,M.G.Road PH : 374711.
  • U.V.I.Iiolidays Banerji Road Ph: 394925.
  • Viceregal Travels & Resorts Ltd.,Mafine Drive Ph: 381663

Tour guides:
  • Ajith Edassery Ph; 668819.
  • Albert Antony Ph; 230398.
  • Antony Anoop Sakaria Ph; 229240.
  • M M Basheer Ph: 342169
  • Nianayani Ph: 0482-286531 Fax: 395782.
  • Boby Jose Ph: 368562.
  • Jairaj K R Ph; 374816.
  • M H Kabeer Ph: 445309.
  • Rahel Ajitha Skaria Ph: 225435.
  • C J Rajan(paul Tom) Ph: 227887.
  • Robert James Ph: 667547.
  • Sabu T S Ph: 0482-884360.
  • K P Satheesan Ph: 363386.
  • Sathyaneshan M P Ph: 368562.
  • Sebastian M J Ph: 234661.
  • Sudheer P P Ph: 231775.
  • Theresa Anju S Kutan Ph: 225435.
  • C B Unnikrishnan Ph: 363386.
  • V X Wilson Ph; 221709.


Transport operators:
  • Kumar Taxis,Mattancherry Ph: 223558.
  • PioneerTravels, Willingdon Island Ph:666148.
  • Princy Travels, Marine Drive Ph: 354712.
  • Greenland, Thevera Ph:318088

Banks and currency exchange:
  • Wall Street Finance Ltd., Pioneer Towers PH; 370895.
  • Nuclear Securities Ltd., Ravi'puram Ph: 368503.
  • Synergy Forexpress Ltd.,M.G.Road Ph: 382168.
  • A Weizmann Ltd.,Padma JN.Ph:371204.
  • Thomas Cook, Ravipuram Ph:369729.
  • SuraDa, Near Air India,Ravipuram.
  • State Bank of India,KTDC Shopping Complex Ph:360184.
  • Andhra Bank, M.G.Road Ph;355427.
  • Grindlays Bank, Ravipuram Ph:372086

Post Office/Telegraph:
  • General Post Office, Mattancheny Ph: 224661.
  • Central Telegraph Office, Jose Jn. Ph: 355603.
  • Head Post Office, Emakulam,Ph: 355467.
  • Head Post office,Kochi Ph; 224247.

  • General Hospital Ph: 360002.
  • Govt. Hospital, Kacheripady Ph: 224444.
  • Ayurveda Hospital, Kacheripady Ph: 361206.
  • Maharaja's Hospital, Karuvelipady Ph: 224561.
  • City Hospital, M.G.Road Ph: 368970.
  • Kochi Hospital, Pallimukku Ph: 367714.
  • Medical Trust Hospital, Pallimukku Ph: 371852.
  • Kunialu's Nursing Home, TD.Road Ph; 36-8429.
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial Cooperative Hospital Ph: 319334.

Cultural programmes:
  • See India Foundation, Near south railway station Ph: 369471(daily show 1845 hrs).
  • Art Kerala, Valanjambalam Ph: 366238.
  • Kochi Cultural Centre, Ravipuram Ph: 367866 (daily show: 1900 hrs).
  • Kerala Kathakali Centre, Fort Kochi. ENS Kalari, Netoor(Kalaripayattu shows on requst) Ph: 809810.

Convention Centre:
  • Galfar G-358, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi 682 036 Ph: 314367,314368.

  • Pandhal Ph: 367759.
  • Chariot Ph: 368123.
  • Hakoba Ph: 353933.
  • Volga Ph: 396869.
  • Bimbis Ph: 355191.
  • Yuvarani Ph: 371983.

Shopping areas:
  • Broadway . mahatma Gandhi (M.G.) Road.
  • G.C.D.A. Shopping Complex Marine Drive .
  • Pioneer Towers, Marine Drive.
  • Spice Shops, Mattancherry.

  • The Kerala State Handicrafts Development Corporation showroom -Kairali, M.G.Road Ph: 354507.
  • State Handicraft Society Emporium-Surabhi, M.G . Road Ph:382278.
  • Kochi Gramodyog Bhavan (the showroom of Khadi Village tries) Pallimukku, M.G.Road. Board, Mullassery Canal R Khataisons, M.G Road Ph: 369414
Hotels in Cochin Tariff in Indian Rs Telephone
Taj Resisency 2200-4400 371471
Avenue Regent 1450-4850 373530
Quality Inn Presidency 1300-2500 394300
Bolgatty Palace 1200-1750 355003
Renaissance 1195-2350 331144
Abad Plaza 950-1200 361636
Hotel Rajmahal 900-2000 371054
Sealord Hotel 800-1300 382474
International Hotel 750-2400 382091
Yuvarani Residency 650-2050 370040
The Metropolitan 650-1100 352412
Grand Hotel 650-1100 382061
Bharat Hotel 600-1200 353501
Hotel Abad 600-750  
Alapatt Regency 550-900 344413
Hotel Excellency 475-700 374001
Ganam Hotels 460-770 367123
Hotel Joyland 400-775 367764
Dwaraka Hotel 350-1000 352706
Aiswarya Tourist Home 350 364454
Woodlands Hotel 320-1000 368900
Sun International 300-900 364162
Hotel Sangeetha 300-770 368487
Hotel KK Intemafional 270-440 366010
Paulson Park Hotel 250-805 382179
Bijus Tourist Home 250-450 381881
Elite Tourist Home 200-650 395718
Hotel Mercy 180-650 382480
Hotel Mayura Park 180-550 390560
Hotel Hakoba 180-385 353933
Pamba Tourist Home 175-275 367111
Hotel Orchid 175-500 319135
Kavitha Tourist Home 150-800 350618
Parnba Tourist Home 175-275 367111
Hotel Blue Diamond 150-500 382118
Udipi Ananda Bhavan 120-850 382071
Hotel Lucia 120-550 380051
Matha Tourist Home 95-200 395250

Hotels in FortCochin Tariff in Indian Rs Telephone
Hotel Fort House 700 226103
Hotel Seagull 330-460 228128
Hotel Adams Inn 150-350 229495
Royal Grace 150-200 223584
Hotel Fort Avenue 150-250 221219
Spencer 150 225049
Grace Hotel 150 223584
Hotel Brisbane 125-150 225962
XL Lodge 125 225233
Vasco 125 229877
Delight Tourist Resort 100-350 228677

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